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Terms And Conditions

Car Park Terms and Conditions

The Policy on Parking and Traffic is published in the University Calendar.


Car Parks

Where restricted use applies, signage is in place to inform you of any regulations. Please make sure you're eligible to park before doing so. For more information on what parking is available, see our where to park page.


Paid for Parking

By paying for parking, it does not guarantee you a space on campus.

By opting in to the Auto Pay scheme you enter in to a contract with the University for the provision of a service, namely parking. The University will collect the following data in order to provide that service under contract.

  • Vehicle registration number
    • Make and model of vehicle

If parking terms and conditions are breached, the University will share the following data with APCOA Parking for enforcement purposes:

  • Your vehicle registration number
    • The start and end date of your parking session

You confirm to us that all information you provide us in connection with the University of Warwick Parking Service will be correct and complete and in particular that you are the person registered as the keeper of or are authorised by them to use and register any vehicle (including its registration mark) for the purposes of the University of Warwick Parking Service.

Resident students

Resident students are strongly advised not to bring cars onto campus. There is extremely limited parking both on the campus and in the surrounding areas, and there is no dedicated parking for students.


Breach of Parking Terms & Conditions

It is a breach upon parking terms and conditions to park anywhere on campus other than in a designated parking space. The University may issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) to enforce parking regulations.

When a PCN is issued to the driver of the vehicle by placing a yellow notice on the windscreen of the vehicle or via ANPR and a letter to the registered keeper’s address, the details are transferred to the University's contracted enforcement agency, who will assume responsibility for the collection of monies owed. If a PCN remains unpaid, the University's enforcement agency (APCOA Parking) reserves the right to take legal action to recover outstanding charges.

Breach of parking terms & conditions include:

  • Causing an obstruction
  • Exceeds Maximum stay/Wait time
  • Failure to display a Blue Badge
  • Incorrect uses of parking bays
  • No valid Permit
  • No valid ticket
  • Not parked within a marked bay/ Within bay markings
  • Parked in a restricted area
  • Parked on double yellow/red lines
  • Parked on grass, verge or footpath
  • Permit/ Scratchcard Obscured
  • Ticket Expired
  • Unauthorised parking
  • Parking in a loading bay
  • Parking in a hatched area
  • Parking multiple vehicles on the same account on the same day

Frequent offenders may also be disciplined for a breach of University regulations by the University.

See the enforcement pages for information on the enforcement of these regulations.


Driving on the Campus

The laws which apply to public roads also apply to the University's roads. All road signs must be obeyed.

All motor vehicles must be covered by motor insurance, have a current MOT where necessary, and have paid for current and valid Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) for the vehicle.

Vehicles must only be driven on roads and in the car parks and never on footpaths or paved or grassed areas.

Trailers, caravans, campers and boats must not be parked on campus.